About Horizon International Trust

 Horizon International Trust (HIT)   was registered as a  Charitable Trust under Pakistan’s Trusts Act (II of) 1882 in Islamabad, Pakistan in October 2005. 

Although HIT’s mandate includes public and welfare activities, to date House of Light School (HOLS) founded in January 2006, is the only school established by HIT; and HOLS functions autonomously — with absolutely no commingling of funds.

Our Board of Trustees

HIT consists of a Board of Trustees with the following members.

  • Mr. Raja Qaisar Ghaffar. Founder & President
  • Mr. Tariq Mehmood. Advocate Hight Court 
  • Mrs. Bilqis Tufail. Social Worker
  • Ms. Shahla Rafi. Artist, Educator & Social Worker
  • Mr. Afzal Khan. Retd Ambassador
  • Dr. Arjumand Faisel. CEO Arjumand And Associates and Curator Gallery 6 Islamabad
  • Mr. Sohail Shariq. Consultant Doctor

Contact of HIT and Bank Details

Horizon International Trust. RegistrationNo 13791
Office # 8, G-D Arcade, Fazal-ul-Haq Road, Blue Area, Islamabad.
Phone: 051- 2348313, Mobile: 0300- 8503359.

Bank Account: 01-6450652-01.  Zakat Account: 01-6450652-02
Swift # SC BLP KK X
Standard Chartered Bank. Saudi Pak Towers, Blue Area, Islamabad

Information About HefP

In 2007, friends of Board of Trustees of HIT established Horizon Education for Pakistan (HefP) in Barcelona, Spain as an affiliate branch of HIT with Arnim Schulz as the Founder.  This was established in accordance with Spanish law as a non-profit organization, specifically and exclusively for the purpose of providing HOLS with financial help through fund raising, as well as help and collaboration in educational training.  Arnim Schulz is  now "President of Honour" and the current president is Christel Plümer

Understanding Between HIT and HefP

The members of both HIT and HefP are voluntary and honorary — they receive no remuneration or perquisites of any kind whatsoever from either organization, from HOLS or from the funds raised for HOLS.

The HOLS web-site is exclusive to HOLS, and does not serve either HIT or HEfP. However, both HIT and HEfP have, or can have, their own exclusive web-sites and social-media page(s), eg., “Facebook”, “Twitter”, etc.

NTN & Tax Exemption Certificate 

NTN 4151464-5