The School Curriculum

  1. Maze (New Century Education)
  2. Maria Montessori Method of teaching and teachers training programs,
  3. Oxford University Press Syllabus from class 1 onwards
  4. Afaq Syllabus for Urdu and Islamiat
  5. Federal Board and Punjab Text book Board books. 
  6.  National Book Foundation books.

Maze (New Century Education)

The school uses the Maze New Century Education (NCE) syllabus for its prep 1, prep 2 and Class 1. NCE was established by a group of enthusiastic American and British trained educational experts, who returned to Pakistan with the explicit vision of revolutionizing the form and substance of education in their homeland. For more information, please visit:

Maria Montessori Method

The Maria Montessori Method is used, along with the Maze system for prep 1 and prep 2. This method teaches through:

  • Sensorial material in order to sharpen the children’s senses
  • EPL material (Everyday Practical Life) to make the children as autonomous as possible.
  • Languages through phonics with the use of flash cards and other material.

The Oxford Syllabus

The aim and objective of our school is quality education. The Oxford Syllabus provides all the required information and knowledge in all subjects but in a manner which makes learning simpler, more effective and more fun. We felt that these books would increase the capacity of a child to listen, to be interested and therefore to retain.
Since we believe that quality education is the basic right of every child, we have decided to choose a learning method that in our eyes will help our children progress and improve in learning skills and abilities. Gain confidence in themselves and thus prepare a better future for themselves


AFAQ is an independent, ISO 9001-2008 certified organisation dedicated to improving education in Pakistan. Being a collaborative venture of six not-for- profit organisations working in the education sector, AFAQ has a vision to improve the literacy rate in Pakistan though a diverse range of services: curriculum development, textbooks and children’s publications, model school development, teacher training, youth promotion, career counseling and student assessment and evaluation. Under strict quality control, AFAQ is zealously engaged in realising its lofty ideals. Over the years, AFAQ has grown into an international organisation providing it services in the Middle East, South East Asia, Africa and Scandinavian countries.